The Nature of a Weed

Good afternoon from… by the brook♡
The soft glow of morning has given way to the rhythmical song of cicadas. The air is moist and a bit oppressive; it lays heavy on my eyelids forcing them to slowly close, tricking my body into a state of rest. The midsummer sun has stripped the grass of its deep vibrancy, leaving behind brittle blades that scratch the souls of my feet. The brook’s bed is yet more exposed than the last time I wrote to you and the duck’s rather enjoy the multitude of perches now available to them. Fifteen regulars have become rather ravenous, wanting more than their fair share of feed. Just this morning I finally got an up-close glimpse of Mama Deer and her fawn♡ It was 6am; the sun had barely crested the horizon as I was serving my sweet ducks their first meal of the day. I heard a splash; thinking it was just their skittish silliness. My eyes still not yet fully focused, I hadn’t noticed the presence of Mama and baby. When our eyes met she stood still, assessing my intention, then slowly turned and walked without worry through the stone filled water with baby tightly behind.
I then sat back amongst the patio pillows to take in the newness of the day, my eyes focused on the lone dandelion growing through the brittle blades. How does something so small have such resilience, so simple have such brilliance? It’s desire to push through all that doesn’t nourish it and stand tall in its beautiful, bright color. Some may see it as it’s labeled, a weed. I see its strength and resilient nature to thrive and be just as it is. An imperfectly, beautiful expression of Self♡

Focused Thoughts~ Commitment to Self & Finding Your Voice

Moving into this week continuing focus on Committing to Self, unearthing your authentic voice.
I would like to introduce the concept of curiosity of what your true voice, the vibration of your thoughts and feelings that live at your core is compromised of.
Do your thoughts, words, and actions live more in a moving forward with purpose mode? Logical- linear- assertive- achieving- doing? Or do they flow with a creative pulse that awakens your body and mind allowing you to draw from your emotional intellect?
Our daily lives are usually centered around movement with purpose. This is considered a more masculine type of energy, and it’s important. We need this energy to function in our jobs, to keep life in order for ourselves and our families.
But because we live in a world that demands such high expectations, we tend to forget to balance ourselves with the beautiful feminine voice within. She knows the importance of self-care and she practices the art of allowing. She moves into her body to feel and express… to create.
As you move through your day, bring your attention to how you express your energy. Be curious, not judgmental. Grace, love, acceptance are important parts of bringing forth your beautiful feminine parts and pieces.
They help you to align with, Wonderfully, Beautifully You♡
Sending my love and an invitation to fly free♡

Finding Your Voice through Your Feminine Power

So much of our passion flows through our femininity. 

As women we are wild and raw, creative and courageous, strong, enthusiastic, empathetic spiritual beings. We were created this way. When we allow our femininity to emerge, so does the truth of our voice.

This week’s mantra- “I honor my commitment to Self to find my True Voice” has deeply stirred my spirit.  A few days after writing this, I had a nourishing conversation that brought me to the realization that I have politely tucked my femininity away. It always amazes me how much wisdom our subconscious mind and feeling bodies carry, as it was speaking to me through my own words that I shared with you.

I’m not sure of the exact date and time that I quietly, and unconsciously hid my femininity away, but I have come to realize I have been doing this my whole life. There are so many reasons that we allow our feminine fire to slowly burn out; disconnected relationships, shame, childhood issues, pregnancy, to name a few.

Disconnecting from our innate wild and raw femininity not only restrains our voice, but our entire body- mind- spirit connection.

I ask you this, do you have permission to express all of who you are as a beautiful, spiritual, and physical wild woman? Summon your wild wisdom. Root down to rise up. Connect to the rhythm of your heart. Dig deep through the stillness; dance as you let out a howl- your true voice.

Fly Free, xxoo


Listen for the Song of Your Soul

Good morning from… by the brook♡
There was quite a stir this morning which gave me a bit of a scare. Mama number 3 and her 5 littles were enjoying a leisurely swim, staying tightly woven together like a small raft slowly floating from here to there. As I looked down at my notepad, I heard a loud swish! Looking up, four littles had quickly shot across the water into the shallow area and Mama had flown ashore. I quickly stood up, as I only counted 4 littles. “Where is number 5,” I kept repeating out loud. Mama quickly waddled back toward the brook from where she had flown, she was looking for Little number 5. I scanned the water afraid of what I might see; there has been a large snapping turtle frequenting this space. Moments later Little number 5 came waddling up the Brook’s bank. Thank goodness♡
I love the mornings that I am able to sit and write to you. These are the mornings that life is moving at a calmer pace. When I can clearly hear the soothing sounds of creation, not only outside my window and down by the brook, but also within. The beating of my heart, the rhythm of my breath as it moves into my body and then out again. These are the mornings that I can most clearly hear the song of my soul. It becomes difficult to sort out what internal feelings are mine versus all the external action around me. It becomes an overload for the nervous system the senses become so heightened they tune out the quiet beauty and joy of everyday. So today I celebrate the calm of this morning and that Little number 5 is safely ashore♡
May you find some calm and quiet today so you can clearly hear the song of your soul♡
Sending my love, as always,

The Uncomfortable Truth About Self-Compassion

Let’s talk… about the uncomfortable truth of Self-Compassion.

Your best friend calls you on the phone; she is  crying. “I don’t know what has come over me today,” her voice filled with anguish. “I ate a chocolate doughnut with extra frosting, lost my temper with the kids, blew off my workout at the gym, and now I just told my husband that I can’t stand looking at his face!” She bursts into tears once again.

Your heart hurts for her, as you do your best to console her. You know she has been dealing with a lot of personal issues lately and she isn’t allowing herself the time and space to heal.

Most people find it easier to be compassionate toward others rather than themselves.

It’s a natural human desire to want to relieve the suffering of another human. But in order give compassion, we must first have the awareness and ability to give it to ourselves. Compassion is defined as a “Shared Feeling , a level of sympathy so deep that it inspires action to alleviate another’s pain, sorrow or suffering.” We must firstly be able to connect to our own suffering, to feel our own discomforts and then take action to soothe our personal pain in a healthy way. 

How do I learn to be Self-Compassionate?

In yogic traditions there is a practice called Ahimsa which means non-violence. This not only refers to physical action but also thoughts and words toward one’s self, others, and all living creatures. This principle reminds us of the importance of self-compassion

Creating space for ourselves is an important part of learning to be self-compassionate- The first step in showing yourself compassion is to make space in your day to just be in your own thoughts, to be with yourself in the present moment. Not thoughts of yesterday or two minutes ago or in an hour… just right now. Be aware of your body and its sensations and emotional feelings. Allow your physical and emotional needs to be important, heard, and seen by YOU. This is where Self-Compassion starts- the acknowledgement of Self. Learning how to soothe and heal your pain is the next step, but for now acknowledging the truth of how you feel is key.

Here is the Uncomfortable Truth About Offering Compassion.

Another yogic practice is Seva, meaning selfless service. This asks us to serve others with a mindset of expecting nothing in return and having no expectations regarding the outcome.

The ability to offer compassion to alleviate another’s suffering is a beautiful picture of a human act of love. Even more so when the action is aligned with a pure intention. There is the saying, “If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself first.”

At the deepest level- at my core, what is my intention?

My ideas of compassion have led me into difficult situations, some life altering. For me, compassion  meant not saying No. On the surface level, I was afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, felt selfish, or I felt a sense of pity for them. My “compassion” was not coming from a place of pure intention rather from a deeper source of pain that I had not healed yet. Sometimes I wanted to feel needed, purposeful. Sometimes it was easier to offer others words of healing and encouragement rather than look at my own issues.

It’s really unnerving to ask ourselves questions that may uncover a deeper truth.

When you offer compassion, is it coming from a shared feeling (not just an experience) in which you have connected to within yourself and taken healthy actions to soothe? The hard question is, are you offering compassion as a means to distract yourself from your own internal suffering, to feel a false sense of healing through another, or maybe to find a sense of worthiness? 

Like I mentioned above, these are really difficult questions to ask, because what if the answer is… yes?

If this is true for you, firstly, do not get down on yourself; you are in good company. The good news is you are now aware of your need for compassion too. Taking the uncomfortable journey inward to feel in order to heal is the most loving act we can take for ourselves and then secondly for others. Remember compassion is not something you have to search for outside of yourself, it already lives inside of you at your deepest core. 

What is one thing that you can begin to do to show yourself… Self-Compassion?

Sending my love~ Maureen

Deep Discoveries

Good morning from… by the brook♡
“The real discovery lies not in discovering new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.”
How often do we long to be somewhere other than where we are? Maybe the beach, in the mountains, at Disney World ( I love♡ Mickey Mouse.) Maybe even completely moving the entire contents of our life to a brand new location for the feeling a new space brings; one that holds no knowledge of the past and begins right now… in the present.
I have learned through some difficult life experiences, that a new space, while maybe beneficial for a momentary venture, only distracts from deep discoveries. The biggest, bravest discovery is standing still… right where you are, and allowing the unearthing to begin. But this time, from a different view. One with curiosity, forgiveness, non-judgment, kindness… love.
I know that words can be so much easier than the actions needed to do such difficult a task, so I send you my love and support from afar♡ Please know, I am closer than you think, just a message away… if you should need a hand to hold and an ear to listen.
Sending my love,

Navigating Through the Shadows

Good morning from… by the brook♡
Do you remember the Mama and newly born fawn I posted just about a week ago? Here she/he is ♡. I have seen Mama roaming about often without her sweet baby, and finally baby has emerged, but without Mama. I am not too familiar with the behavior of deer; I hope that Mama is close by, as this little one is still so little♡
It’s so difficult to not project our human emotions onto nature and I can’t help to wonder if she feels lost, scared or lonely without her Mama by her side. Does the unpredictable world around her create a feeling of unsafety within her. What happens when storms blow in and lightning flashes; when the waters begin to rise? Or when a predator is not far behind? Is she prepared to face such dangers… at such a young age if she’s left all alone? How will she learn to navigate such chaotic occurrences without a steady, strong roll model by her side?
Alas, I must not cast my own shadows onto such innocence and that which can not be held to human emotional constraints ♡ though the walk inward has been insightful 🙂
My thoughts will be with this little one has she navigates through this beautiful, mysterious world that is filled with many opportunities. Both filled with excitement and danger.
Sending my love to you all,

Focused Thoughts ~ Weaknesses to Strengths

Good morning♡
Each Sunday I offer my yoga class a Mantra or Meditation card. Each card offers a message to help focus our attention and direct our flow of energy… being our breath, our thoughts, and movement.
Today’s message is, “My Greatest Weaknesses Have Become My Greatest Strengths. “On the card is a picture of a lotus flower. Above the murky dark water you can see its elegant beauty; below its roots travel down and are grounded strong and deep into the muddy water bed.What a lovely reminder that beauty emerges from the darkest of places. Our roots and the life experiences we grow through allow us an opportunity to use our innate strength within to create change and overcome challenges.The Lotus reminds us to focus on our innermost self, our very essence which is Love- Compassion- Kindness and the notion of transformation.

Giving ourselves Grace and Space to grow and learn from our murky-dark waters is an important part of transforming a weakness into a strength.

Embrace YOUR roots and allow your authentic self to shine through♡ becoming…
Wonderfully, Beautifully You♡

Photo taken at Innisfree Gardens in Dutchess County.



Are You At Home (Part 2)

Comfortable- Cozy- Safe- Loved- Welcomed

These words opened up the previous article, Are You At Home, (link to post here We talked about feeling at home in your body by connecting your thoughts- emotions- and physically feelings.

I asked you to track this by jotting down any physical feelings throughout the day, (tightness in your jaw, lower back pain, stomach ache) then also any emotions that arose, (anxiousness, frustration, excitement.) At the end of each day comparing the physical feelings and the emotions and allowing yourself to be curious about any correlations.

What Do I Do Now?

Before we talk about the next action toward feeling at home in your body, I encourage you to continue to sense physical sensations and take note of emotional responses.

Adding to your physical and emotional tracking, begin to be aware of how you speak to your body. Watch and listen to the words you use and your tone.

Have you ever gotten into an argument or heated discussion with another member in your household? If their words and tone were not respectful or kind, how did that make you feel? In my experience, I wanted to leave the house because it became an unwelcoming space. This is a similar situation when you speak to your body in a negative way. 

“Why are you so lazy?” “How come I didn’t know that answer- I’m so stupid.” “I shouldn’t have eaten that- I have no willpower.”


“Great job- great effort!” “You look beautiful” “You are so strong to be able to handle this situation”

Words and their tone are powerful tools that you can use to create a loving environment within yourself that will help you to feel safer.

Just as you jotted down physical feelings and emotions, now also notate how you speak to yourself or speak to certain parts of your body. Again, with no judgement, just notice and take a curious approach.

I want to congratulate you on taking this journey of awareness. I also want to encourage you to stay with it. It can be a rough road, but well worth some of the bumps or bruises along the way.

Our next step will be taking a glance into the past.

Live Well,





The Rising Truth

Every morning I open the curtains to watch the sun slowly make its appearance, as it peaks through the branches of the very tall trees that line the bank of the brook. Its beams give an iridescent glow to everything in its path, nothing but beauty abounds♡ Some mornings I open the curtains and there is no warm iridescent glow, just shades of gray, shadows everywhere I look. My common sense tells me that the sun has indeed risen, but all I can see is the grayness. On those days I long… almost in anguish to be doused in iridescent beams. But I have noticed if I just breath a little deeper and look straight into the dark shadows, shards of light begin to appear. For it’s deep within the dark dreary gray shadows that you will find the truth. A truth that will rise within you, gifting you your very own eternal iridescent glow morning, noon, and night.
Sending my love,